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Service & Maintenance

We support the solutions that we have offered by providing maintenance services to our customers. As fire suppression concerns life safety, it is paramount that these systems remain in an operational condition at all times, throughout its lifetime. Such service and maintenance must be carried out by trained personnel. Contact Federal Fire if you require such services or would like to know more about the servicing requirements of your fire suppression system.

Room Integrity

The integrity of the protected room is especially important for Clean Agent total flooding fire suppression systems. The integrity helps contain the agent after discharge to ensure agent concentration is sustained for a minimum period of time, within the room to extinguish the fire. A Room Integrity Test (RIT) is carried out to ensure that any leakage (natural or structural defect) does not affect the ability of the Clean Agent to suppress the fire. Contact Federal Fire if you have any questions or require a quotation for a RIT.

Agent Refilling

After a Clean Agent discharge, the cylinders/tanks must be refilled as soon as possible, even if there is a reserve. Contact Federal Fire if you need to refill your Clean Agent Halocarbon systems (such as Novec1230 or FM200) or inert gas cylinders.

Tank Re-testing

Halocarbon Clean Agent systems are stored in welded or seamless tanks/cylinders under pressure. For safety reasons, these storage containers are required by the US DoT or EU directives to be tested at periodic intervals in parallel with detailed visual inspections. If a Novec1230 or FM200 has been in service for five to 10 years or more, contact Federal Fire to understand if your tanks/cylinders need to be re-tested.

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