Novec1230 design calculations – Nozzle Performance

UL listed hydraulic calculations of Novec1230 (similarly for HFC227ea) systems involve the determination of discharging nozzle size and orifices. The various factors affecting the software selection of the nozzle and the need for the designer to manually adjust system parameters to meet NFPA requirements are explained.

Re-qualification of Storage Container Requirements

What types of fire suppression agent tanks and cylinders require re-testing after being in service for a period of time? What are the relevant codes and standards, and what are the time intervals before and between tests?

Provision of BA sets for Clean Agent Protected Rooms

Are BA sets mandatory to be provided and installed outside Clean Agent protected rooms?

Novec1230 Tank Pressure and its indications

What does the pressure indicators on the Clean Agent tanks and cylinder show? And when is a tank over-pressurized and when is a pressure too low?

Novec1230 Tank Pressure and its Indications-min

Provision of Underfloor Clean Agent Nozzles

What are the criteria for placing clean agent nozzles in raised floors, and how do these nozzles protect such spaces?

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